Wednesday, July 14, 2010

President Zero and his pinhead boy wonder Ken Salazar

The Nanny State government of President Zero strikes again!!

Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar has recently decided to do an end-run around the judicial branch and declare a moratorium on all drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.

The financial effects of this would be catastrophic. Even Governors of Gulf States who are struggling with the clean up from the BP spill are begging the federal government not to do this.

If the wells close, thousands lose their jobs. Tens of thousands down the line lose theirs...the refinery workers who process the oil, the truckers who deliver petroleum products to market...businesses who depend on those products for their livelihood, etc...etc...

If the oil platforms pick up and move, like one has already, then those jobs are never coming back.

Shortsighted, ignorant, and fearful is a description of those now in power.

This is why you don't vote for someone who has never had a real job.

They don't understand that there are real world complications to sweeping acts of government decree.