Sunday, July 11, 2010

Vengeance & Payback at RPLAC. It's not pretty...

Well, thanks to my informed sources, I am able to share an exclusive with readers of The Jennerjahn Report.

Things at the Republican Party of Los Angeles County (RPLAC) continue to go from bad to worse.

I chose to stop associating with that group when they decided to kick out two members who had been elected to their positions by the voting public in an actual certified election.

If you are a political figure and you can't abide by the rule of law, then you have no business being in power.

Any organization that holds itself out to be professional and asks for and accepts the money of others needs to be run in a way that is in accordance with and subject to the rules of law and the rules of that organization. If you can't respect the results of an election, then maybe your political organization needs to be de-certified and run strictly as a "club" for friends who pursue it strictly for their own amusement.

Months ago, some disgruntled members of RPLAC chose to have a "sudden election" - a kind of beer hall putsch - where they instantly voted out the previously elected officials and voted in new leaders all in one meeting. I had serious issues with this meeting. One, they didn't give notice to everyone about it in advance, which denied others the freedom to announce their candidacy and ask for votes in this "new" election. Two, as I later found out, this type of action was not covered by the by-laws of the organization. Nowhere in the organizational structure does it say that this is allowed. Officers elected to a two-year term were thrown out after only five months on the job. It doesn't make the group as a whole look professional, organized, or competent when they throw out people that they themselves elected just five months ago. It's practically schizophrenic.

They compounded these wrongful actions by kicking out Central Committee Members who had actually been elected by the voting public in a real election certified by the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder.

I was at that meeting where Jose Aguilar and Robert Vaughn were thrown out of the organization.
It was ugly behavior by people who claim to stand for freedom and individual rights.

The dispute over the power shift deteriorated into a lawsuit that was just recently heard. The new leaders were upheld by the court as being in charge of RPLAC. But the parties that filed the lawsuit may be appealing that decision.

My view on this is that as a Conservative, you have to stand up for the individual rights of others... even those with whom you disagree with or don't particularly like. There is a bigger issue involved.
While Vaughn and Aguilar may have been irritating or behaved in a way that other members didn't appreciate, they were standing up for what they believed was right. I don't have a problem with that.
My opinion is that RPLAC has no business being the "thought police" and targeting individuals simply because they disputed the results of a highly unusual election.

The bad news for RPLAC is that the voters decided to re-elect Vaughn and Aguilar to their Central Committee positions. What will RPLAC do now? Throw them out again!??
(Making the organization look even more petty and unprofessional?)

Now comes word that RPLAC member Allen Wilson (who I consider to be a friend) is going around with a wrong-headed motion about Censuring Robert Vaughn from not only RPLAC but banning him from the State Convention.

I find this incredibly disturbing and again, a bit schizophrenic.

If you look at the video above, you will see State Senate Candidate John Stammreich doing some real grandstanding and talking about "getting Republicans elected in November".

Robert Vaughn is the official Republican Party candidate for Congress in the 38th Congressional District.

Do RPLAC members really think that Censure motions and kicking Vaughn out of the party is a way to help him get elected? Or is it just business as usual in what has become a whimsical organization that seems to be based on personalities - and not on the rule of law.

Vengeance and Payback at RPLAC. It's not pretty....