Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Krekorian & Barrett in epic fail

This news story gave me a good laugh today.

It seems that tree-hugging liberals Paul Krekorian (The Dark Lord) and Joe Barrett have achieved an epic failure.

A grove of over 250 trees was cut down by the Department of Public Works -- all in the name of progress.
The area will now become a dump for waste sludge from fire runoff.

There were some protesting hippies who tried to stop it, but DPW workers simply cut down all the trees that the protesters weren't sitting in. Krekorian and Barrett were strangely absent.

Event though liberals worldwide feel that it is only they who can make the decisions that will change the world, reality sometimes has a way of teaching them a lesson.

There are people in China, India, Russia, and Brazil who are bulldozing and destroying 10,000 trees a day.
No hippie dreams can stop that reality. But trees can be replaced.
So it makes no sense to obsess over this.

Krekorian, Barrett and the other tree-huggers were probably weeping over this news.

Me? I just kind of chuckled. There are plenty of trees left.

We are not running out of them.