Thursday, March 17, 2011

Adam Abrahms for Los Angeles Regional Vice Chair

This blog post is going up at the last minute, but I wanted to send a clear message to a bunch of my Conservative friends.

The California Republican Party is having its Spring Convention in Sacramento this weekend.
Besides the usual lectures, seminars, and Q&A sessions, there will also be an election of new State officers.

I am supporting Adam Abrahms in his campaign to be elected as Vice Chair of the State Party from the Los Angeles area. I don't know his specific ideologies, but I do know that he was a great help in getting some rival Young Republican groups to merge their forces. He is well respected in the party.

You can learn more at his website:

I also know that his opponent, Linda Boyd, has a variety of personal issues that have ended up causing personal friction and financial losses to the Republican Party of Los Angeles County.

To all my friends up there in Sacramento this weekend, vote for Abrahms.

Keep Linda Boyd away from the control surfaces whenever possible.