Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mark Levin wants Marco Rubio to run for President

This is a brief clip of the radio show done by Conservative commentator Mark Levin. Levin is widely known in Conservative circles by his nickname, "The Great One", because of his clear, concise, and steadily Conservative analysis of current events and political trends. For my money, he is better than Rush Limbaugh and all the others because he takes risks. He warns listeners of bad Republicans and of other people who are straying from the path.

Levin asks Rubio why he doesn't enter the race for the White House. Rubio excuses himself by saying that his duties in the Senate are too important.

But when Mark Levin calls you a "superstar"... it is something you have to start considering.

Personally, I think Rubio would make a fantastic candidate. I loved watching Rubio come from nowhere and totally destroy Big RINO Governor Charlie Crist in the US Senate race in Florida.

He has the necessary star quality, but I think Rubio is probably going to wait to be asked to be on the ticket by whoever wins the GOP nomination. As a Vice-Presidential choice, he helps lock up Florida for the Republicans and he also draws large amounts of Latino voters to the polls across the country --- voters who will be excited to see an American (of Cuban heritage) being elected to one of the highest positions in America.