Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Election Day, March 8, 2011

Election Day. And I am prepared for the concept of massive disappointment.

I have been through elections before with my friends here in Los Angeles, including my getting beat badly in the 2009 Mayoral election and just slightly losing my Congressional primary by about 1,500 votes in 2010.

Losing sucks. It hurts.
And unfortunately some of my friends are going to be hurting tonight.

That is just the way it goes when you take on the corrupt power structure here in Los Angeles.

Even Rudy Martinez, who spent over $200,000 on his campaign, could still possibly lose to Jose Huizar.
But I am supporting Rudy today and wishing him the best.

I'm proud of all the candidates who took a stand and put their name on the ballot.

I'll be voting "No" on every charter amendment and proposition.
The knuckleheads in power have made many choices before. Most of them bad.
Help me keep their hands off of the control surfaces.

I'm proud to go and vote for my friends Joe Essavi and Manny Aldana.
I wish them luck tonight.

My vote in CD 4 is more troubling for me.
I am faced with the prospect of three big budget Socialists on the ballot.
I like Tomas O'Grady a lot on a personal level, but not so thrilled about his Green politics.
Stephen Box has irritated me in the past with his CicLAvia nonsense, but he also was on the right side with me in the battle over Measure B back in 2009.

As much as it bothers me, I have to cast a vote for one of them.

The Al Bundy of Los Angeles politics is part of the problem.
He is not the solution.
Jack Humphreville reminded me that I owe La Bonge some payback for putting Measure B on the ballot in 2009. I will vote against him and hope to end his political career tonight.