Saturday, March 5, 2011

Red Spot launches final airstrike on Huizar campaign

Mayor Sam blogger Red Spot (a.k.a. Scott Johnson) has done a terrific job this election season of doing everything he can to disrupt or destroy the City Council campaign of 14th District Council Member Jose Huizar.

Even though Johnson's typing, syntax, and spelling are sometimes garbled, the general message eventually gets out.

He hates Huizar and wants him to lose.

Fair enough. Hey, he's a blogger. Nobody said he had to be as fair and balanced as Fox News.

Tortured syntax aside...if there was a Nobel Prize for bloggers, Red Spot should receive it.


Red Spot exposed how Huizar basically embezzled about $1 million dollars.


The printing of Huizars enemies list forever put him in the same playing field as Richard Nixon.
Not a place you want to be when you are trying to get re-elected.


Actually, Trujillo was just flat out dumb for sending such a goofy email. I think he was drunk, but who knows?
Actually, I have considered it might have all been a scam to divert attention from the first two scandals -- both of which were much more serious. The fact that he's still getting paid by Huizar is another Red Spot scoop.

Phony polling numbers.

Yeah, sure Jose Huizar is winning by 43%. Anybody want to lay some bets with me about that?
Red Spot exposed the actual push poll and its typical nonsense.
It was just what I said it was. Research done by someone for Huizar.
Fantasy-based numbers.

Huizar will be lucky to survive this election.

Red Spot, I salute you.