Monday, March 7, 2011

Protect your freedom! Vote NO!

Tomorrow is Election Day.

In Los Angeles, that means another day of frustration and freedom-destroying Socialism.

Turnout will be abysmal...less than 15%. Most voters will be frog-marched into the polling places by the Unions, who want to protect what is "theirs".

Citizens of Los Angeles, your freedoms are at risk!'

CD 2
Augusto Bisani

CD 4
Stephen Box/Tomas O'Grady - (both are better than La Bonge)

CD 6
David Barron. Help stop the Tony Cardenas crime spree.

CD 8 I have to say Bernard Parks? I guess so...
His opponent, propped up by unions, is a clueless lunatic unfit for office.

CD 10
Austin Dragon

CD 12
Doesn't matter. (Mitch Englander has $400,000 and is going to win anyway)

CD 14
Rudy Martinez.