Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Endorsement: Manny Aldana for L.A. Community College Board

I know that several Republican organizations are going with Lydia Gutierrez for this spot in the March 8th election, but I am going with Manny Aldana. I like Lydia and think she is a fine person....but I have more of a personal relationship with Manny Aldana.

Much like George W. Bush, loyalty and personal relationships are very important to me in politics.
It is important to know who your friends are... your enemies will always clearly identify themselves.

Manny stood by my side when I launched my Recall Effort against Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.
He wasn't afraid to be on the Mayors enemies list because Manny has rare courage.
Even though the effort didn't succeed and we fell short on the signature gathering part, it was a fine attempt and sent a message to the Mayor that he was on thin ice with the voting public.

Manny is a good man and a solid Christian.
He doesn't just know the path, he walks the path.

I am happy to call him a friend and I will be helping his campaign doing phone calls in the next few days.

I give him my strongest possible endorsement and encourage others to vote for him in this election.