Monday, March 7, 2011

Election eve shenanigans from The Dark Lord

Disturbing news to report from the election campaign of Augusto Bisani.
Staffers who were hired to do telephone outreach have run into serious ethical questions when they contacted several pro-Krekorian voters.

Some of the Krekorian voters not only dismissed the callers for Bisani, but also laughed and claimed that they were holding a polling place in their house!!

This is exactly why you don't do things like that. An election should be held in a public place. A school, a library, maybe at a public university building. There should be unbiased members of the public as observers. Even supporters of rival candidates should be invited to make sure things are done legitimately.

How much do you want to bet that those ballot boxes that come from a private residence polling place go overwhelmingly in favor of Paul Krekorian??

This situation is unacceptable. It invites corruption and fraud.