Thursday, March 10, 2011

On Wisconsin!

My home state has always been famous for progressive politics.
Unfortunately, usually liberal politics. However, this is about to change. Thanks to the incompetence of Barack Obama, the Wisconsin Statehouse has now gone Republican and we have a Republican Governor.

Seeing the colossal budget catastrophe created by decades of Socialist spending programs, the Governor decided that some programs were going to have to say goodbye.

Primarily among them are the corrupt public labor union contracts, which are bankrupting most of the states in America. I have always felt that public unions should be illegal, because 1) the government doesn't oppress its workers. And 2) the government workers never sit down and negotiate with their actual employer, the voting public. They use bribery with campaign money to get corrupt politicians to vote in all types of financial salary and benefit nonsense.

Unfortunately, we are past the point of no return here with this nonsense.
The math doesn't work. The contracts and benefits are unsustainable.

Walker is ready to fire massive numbers of teachers and other State workers.
Their unions have made them too expensive, and now obsolete.
Government workers don't create wealth, they siphon it off.

I'm happy Governor Scott Walker is drawing a line in the sand.

The Communists/Socialists are going to expose to the world who they really are.

If they don't get their government "gravy", there will be trouble.
Riots, fights, protests.

At a time when private sector workers are facing 10% unemployment due to the idiocy of Barack Obama (who halted all oil drilling in the gulf for months and gave us $5 a gallon gasoline), they aren't going to get a very sympathetic reception from the taxpayers.