Monday, December 5, 2011

Herman Cain: Charlatan

I never believed in Herman Cain. Not for one minute.

I always believed that Cain was a charlatan, a fraud, and a trickster.
It bothered me that anyone was willing to support him at all, much less a large percentage of Republican voters.

It had always been my belief that Herman Cain was running for office just to build his name brand. He wanted to sell more books. He wanted to increase his speaking fees. And he will do all of those things, but he will never be President of The United States.

Cains campaign eventually sunk under the weight of allegations of sexual harassment and the accusation that he had conducted an extramarital affair for 13 years. The accuser, Ginger White, had proof that she and Cain had been contacting each other and staying at the same hotels while on his speaking travels.

I had taken an instant disliking to Herman Cain from the very start. At one of the earliest debates, he answered a moderators question by saying he "didn't know why we were in Afghanistan".

Didn't know? Did he miss watching the news on 9-11?

And this guy wanted to be President?

I'm just glad and grateful that Cains campaign imploded before he got too far down the road to the nomination. Can you imagine this scandal blowing up just before the general election?

Cain says he will continue to be a voice in the Republican Party.

He can talk all he wants, but I'm not interested in listening to a guy who seriously jeopardized GOP chances to defeat Obama in 2012.