Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Meet Ted Lieu: Dhimmi

Dhimmi: A Non-Muslim who lives in submission to Muslim rulers, with higher taxes, and fewer legal rights or protections.

Some of you voters in the South Bay have some explaining to do.
How did you idiots manage to elect a dhimmi to the California State Senate?

Instead of fixing broken California and its massive budget imbalances, Lieu has gone on his own personal jihad to protect and defend muslims from evil corporations everywhere.

The controversy erupted when the Lowe's Home Improvement stores pulled their advertising from a program broadcast on The Learning Channel called "All American Muslim".

Lowe's felt the show was controversial, and didn't want to be involved.

Of course, Lieu, being a liberal, feels that he needs to correct all the possible perceived wrongs in this world. Including this one.

His repulsive letter to Loews can be read here at his website.

Lieu is an embarrassment to America.

I have news for Senator Lieu... Islam is not a peaceful religion!

Everywhere it exists on earth, it has been brought -- and kept there -- by violence and murder.

If a person wants to leave Islam...guess what... they get murdered by their fellow Muslims!

Islam encourages their followers to commit mass murder of non-believers.

Islam even encourages people to murder their own family members (honor killings).

Muslim women in Saudia Arabia are not allowed to drive a car.

Senator Ted Lieu is a taxpayer-subsidized propagandist for Islam.

Maybe some of you South Bay voters should ask him why he is wasting taxpayer time and money defending a religion like Islam.

A religion that does not respect human rights....

On Monday, Muslim leaders in Saudia Arabia beheaded a woman because they claimed she was a "witch."

But according to dhimmis like Ted Lieu... it is the big corporations like Lowe's that are the real problem in the world.