Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Liberal lies about "Big Oil"

When I was running for Mayor of Los Angeles in 2009, I was involved in a debate among the candidates at UCLA. In this debate, I think I may have uttered my best political line ever.

Frustrated by listening to the two Socialist candidates bash capitalism and talk about how evil it was, I couldn't wait to get my hands on the microphone and tell them how wrong they were. I went off on them with a long rant about how they were wrong in every possible way.

I ended by shouting: "Capitalism doesn't oppress you! Capitalism makes your life possible!"

I didn't think about it at the time, but it may have been the best moment of my campaign.

Indeed, most liberals live in a fantasy world where they think that gasoline appears at gas stations by "magic". They feel that oil companies are "evil" for providing a crucial product on which the entire American economy depends.

I have never understood that type of thinking from them.

Big oil companies go out into very harsh conditions to capture oil resources. Frozen Alaskan tundras. Deep sea, underwater big-rig drilling. It isn't easy. Not everyone can do it.

In fact, gasoline is expensive because very few companies in the world can do this.

The refining process, which most liberals know almost nothing about.. is quite fascinating.
You don't just pour raw oil into your gas tank. It has to go through a process called "fractional distillation" in which the oil is super-heated in order to cause it to break down into various hydro-carbons. These are separated to make things like gasoline, jet fuel, diesel fuel, road asphalt and thousands of other plastic products. Almost nothing is wasted from the distillation process.

Oil is everywhere in our daily life.

Check out this list of products that are made with oil, it just might make you think about how important and crucial oil is in our lives. We couldn't live our modern, covenience-filled lives without it.

These big oil companies go out and get that oil for you, they distill it, transport it, and sell it to you at a price that you are willing to pay. And yes, they make a profit doing this.

Why shouldn't they?

These big oil companies are not evil and they are not destroying your life or oppressing you.
They actually make your life possible.

We don't need fewer of these companies in the world.

We need more of them.