Thursday, December 22, 2011

@tedlieu - You are still a Dhimmi!

I have a Twitter account.

@PhilJennerjahn if you want to follow me.

I usually concentrate on current events, and have responded to a few celebrity tweets, but I don't actually use Twitter as much as Facebook because of its limitations. (140 characters)

Yesterday, I got into it a little bit with State Senator Ted Lieu, the useless Dhimmi who wastes taxpayer time and money demanding that the Loews Home Improvement store not pull their advertising off of a terrible TV show called "All American Muslim".

Why does he do things like this?

I don't know. He's a Democrat. They seem to like doing things like this.

Anyway, yesterday I responded to a tweet of his to let him know that sometimes people discriminate against Islam because Muslims constantly try to murder other non-Muslims.
(They are actually required by the Koran to do this.)

If you see the tweet above, Lieu calls me a bigot... in a private message.

Nothing new... I've been attacked 100 times before.

Yes, I'm anti-Muslim because I don't agree with people who want to murder me.

I responded with one of my best tweets ever....

@tedlieu Don't worry, Ted. You're a good "dhimmi"! If Muslims take over, you'll be protected. The rest of us will be murdered.

He didn't respond anymore after that... LOL.