Thursday, December 8, 2011

Perry goes "Full Evangelical" in Iowa

Texas Governor Rick Perry released his latest Presidential campaign video... and liberals heads were exploding all over the media.

MSNBC host Chris Matthews, who shamelessly professes his admiration for President Obama, was horrified by the ad. He said that it was a "terrible thing for America".

Other hosts on other liberal shows called it "dog whistle" politics.
As in ... the Conservative Right has to send out a special call to action that only other Conservatives can hear.

Me? I thought the ad was just fine. Perry is appealing to the hardest Social Conservatives in Iowa. People that won't be voting for Romney or Gingrich.

I'm from the Midwest and I know how people are there. This ad will go over very well with the more Conservative voters.

The liberals? I guess their heads can keep exploding.

Rick Perry is not trying to get their votes, anyway.