Thursday, December 15, 2011

Why isn't Richard Alarcon in jail?

I mean, seriously!

It is over one year now since he was criminally indicted in August of 2010!

There are other criminals whose trials and incarcerations last a shorter time than this!

Alarcon is still sitting on the City Council while the other corrupt and incompetent members refuse to sanction him or remove him from his duties.

Not only that, but he is -- incredibly -- planning on running for another elected office!

If I were a registered voter in the 7th District, I would be down at City Council meetings every day screaming my head off about this. Maybe after the Council Members heard the same complaint 500 times in a row they would get it into their numb skulls that they are forced to act here. The other option is for residents of the 7th to start suing the City for allowing Alarcon to continue his criminal fraud by serving on the City Council as the Councilman for the 7th District when he did not meet the legal requirements to run for that office.

From the Los Angeles Charter...

Los Angeles Charter

PENDING TRIAL, ending trial, THE COUNCIL MAY SUSPEND ANY ELECTED OFFICER, and the appointing power may suspend any appointed officer, AGAINST WHOM FELONY CRIMINAL PROCEEDING,
OR criminal misdemeanor proceedings related to a violation of official duties as described in Section 207(c). The temporary vacancy shall be filled in accordance with the Charter.