Thursday, May 24, 2012

Cat Whisperer, O'Grady celebrate tyranny

Heading to work this morning, I check my phone and see a celebratory email from Tomas O'Grady. He was joyous over the fact that the L.A. City Council had voted to ban plastic shopping bags.


After recovering from the initial shock, I mentally put Tomas O'Grady on my list of "Dangerous Enemies of Freedom". Lisa Sarkin and Judy Price need to move over and make a little room for the new kid on the block. The Irishman has come to inflict his own special brand of eco-terrorism on his fellow citizens, and it seems like the kid has some game.

I had come to know Tomas when I almost ran for City Council in District 4 in 2011. O'Grady seemed like a nice enough fellow, except for his irrational and unreasonable addiction to eco-greenie political issues. But other than that I didn't dislike the guy....until now.

How could anyone in their right mind inflict this type of tyranny on their fellow citizens?

Here's a hint for these omnipotent moral busybodies on the L.A. City Council....if you were to put this measure up to a public vote --and this measure would lose badly -- then it is probably not a great idea.

Trust me, there are lawsuits coming on this one....if I have to file them myself, they are coming.

This measure was thought up by -- wait for it -- "The Cat Whisperer" Paul Koretz. He got together with The Dark Lord and decided they would start stripping long-held freedoms from their fellow citizens. I myself have been able to use plastic shopping bags here in Los Angeles for over 17 years now, but thanks to 14 nitwits on City Council, I will no longer have the freedom to make that selection anymore.

Bernard Parks was the only Council Member who had any common sense at the time of the roll call vote yesterday.

I warn all Los Angeles voters to be wary of these 14 other Council Members...these newly minted "Dangerous Enemies of Freedom". Abuses of power give these people no pause whatsoever.

I will end with a new Phil Jennerjahn quote.

"Leaders who want to control all human behavior have sociopathic tendencies. They might start with banning plastic shopping bags ...but it nevers ends there."