Friday, May 4, 2012

Super villain Alarcon eludes justice .. (for the moment)

He's done it again. Master criminal and arch-villain Richard "Fredo"Alarcon has slyly avoided his date with justice.

In a move that defies explanation, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Kathleen Kennedy threw out the District Attorneys case against Alarcon based on some vague technical details. She said that the prosecution had not instructed the jury to listen to evidence from the defense? Uh... excuse me...isn't that the job of the defense team?

Not to be deterred, District Attorney Steve Cooley simply filed new charges against Alarcon.

If I was Cooley, I would have had Alarcon re-arrested and perp-walked out the front door of City Hall.

Alarcons defenses are vile. He knows he wasn't living at the other address and he knows all his election paperwork was fraudulent. He should have cut a deal and taken some kind of punishment.

But that is not Alarcons style.

Alarcon is so mind-bendingly arrogant, that even while under indictment he has decided to run for political office again. The voters in his district must have no self-esteem and no shame.

Alarcon is a scoundrel, and a villain. He gave his voters the middle finger the last time they elected him to the State Assembly.

Judge Kathleen Kennedy needs to be investigated for corruption. She also threw out similar charges against another devious politician, State Senator Roderick Wright, who also wasn't living in the District he was elected to represent.