Thursday, May 3, 2012

Newt Gingrich: Pyromaniac

Newt Gingrich ended his 2012 Presidential campaign yesterday. And he did it in typical Newt fashion....trying to burn the house down on his way out.

Newt is a firestarter. A pyromaniac. If he couldn't be President, he was going to incinerate anyone else who was beating him in the polls.

In fact, Newts acidic attacks on Romney are being used in a new Obama commercial.

His tepid endorsement of Romney is classic. (With friends like these...)

Newt had an ugly social life, and that made him unelectable, no matter how smart he was or how great a debate opponent he could have been for Obama.

I say good riddance. Newt has burned enough bridges here that he will probably never be able to run again. After all, he couldn't beat Mitt Romney. That doesn't bode well for a future run.