Monday, May 14, 2012

Waiting for Caruso

With the Los Angeles Mayoral election coming up in 2013, I haven't decided on a candidate to support yet. Basically, I am waiting for Rick Caruso to get involved. He is the one man who can change the criminal corruption of the Los Angeles political scene and possibly change things for the better.

The biggest problem with Los Angeles is that it is run by a crime family, the Democratic Party -- in conjunction with public employees and public unions. Whoever they decide to support almost never loses in an election. They can bring the muscle and the dollars to basically wipe out any potential opponents. Because of this, Los Angeles suffers very low-quality leadership. Corrupt public officials who participate in this pay-to-play arrangement are already morally bankrupt and will never turn against their political overlords to change the status quo.

So, we voters in Los Angeles are forced to suffer the sleights from these low-quality leaders like ethics violator and serial adulterer Antonio Villaraigosa, treasury-looter Tony Cardenas, criminally-indicted Richard Alarcon, and intellectual underachievers like Ed Reyes and Tom LaBonge.

Rick Caruso is the one man who could make all the difference in the world. His massive wealth would allow him to outspend the Los Angeles political crime family and get more people to the polls in an exciting contested election.

Eric Garcetti, Wendy Greuel, and Jan Perry are not the solution. They are part of the problem. Instead of solving the massive problems that Los Angeles faces, they spent their time on City Council being "philospher kings", as former Mayoral candidate Walter Moore would put it. Declaring the State of Arizona to be racist. Banning plastic bags and cat declawing. Coddling troublemaking anarchists who destroyed the lawn at City Hall and cost the City millions in damages.

No. I can't support these people. They need to go.

The other candidates for Mayor are not worth mentioning, because you are not going to beat political figures who have been elected multiple times without a massive campaign war chest. This is an unpleasant fact, but a fact nonetheless.

Garcetti, Greuel, and possibly Yaroslavsky could be the favorite in 2013, but none of them would make the changes necessary for Los Angeles to succeed. A wealthy businessman like Rick Caruso could make all the difference in the world.

Unfortunately, one of the reasons extremely wealthy people don't run for office is because they have to "undress" financially and expose their assets. Many wealthy people don't care for this.

I hope for the sake of this City that Rick Caruso can put up with a little unpleasant exposure.