Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ron Paul to suffer blowout losses in Indiana, North Carolina, and West Virginia tonight

Although I have considered voting for Ron Paul in the upcoming California Primary, one of the things that might cause me to decide otherwise is the behavior of some of his supporters.

Look, let me be clear about my feelings here.

I like Ron Paul. He's a nice guy. An honorable man. He has good intentions.

He has great ideas about sound monetary policy and financial restraint in government.

However, he has no chance to be President in 2012. He lost. And it is high time for the Ron Paul supporters to get over it.

Ron Paul was never a perfect candidate. He has some very curious isolationist views concerning our military that didn't sit well with the far-right segment of the GOP. His libertarian attitudes towards social issues didn't sit well with social conservatives in the deep south. As a result, he never got more than about 30% of the vote in any primary or caucus.

And I'm getting a little tired of seeing the Ron Paul supporters on Facebook talking about how Ron Paul is "sweeping the Nevada and Maine delegates", and how the convention is going to be contested.

No...it isn't.

Mitt Romney is the only one who can get to the magic number of delegates. He is the 2012 nominee.

Ron Paul supporters might scare up 100 or even 200 delegates, but they are not going to steal the nomination from a guy who won over half the state primaries and caucuses. That is fantasy-land thinking by the Paul supporters. And I'm tired of hearing about it.