Friday, December 17, 2010

Gatto grows more dangerous by the minute

Disturbing news coming out that Assemblyman Mike Gatto, or "The Gatto-father" as I like to call him, has been named Assistant Speaker of the State House.

Now comes word that he wants to start messing around with voter initiatives, allowing corrupt politicians to override them or amend them after a few years. Attention Gatto-father...that is the reason voters had to come up with initiatives, to stop crooked politicians and their schemes. Allowing them to muck about in the issue destroys all integrity in the initiatives.

We all heard about Gatto's frightening attempt to silence the media. His legal battle with Mayor Sam's Mike Higby even made national news, even if only briefly. Check out this screenshot from Yahoo.

"Mike Gatto forces blogger...."

Yeah, that's the type of guy I want running my State government and making decisions that affect my life.

I would call Gatto "The Most Dangerous Man in California" ....but there is a certain City Councilman who is aligned with the supernatural. I won't mention him by name.

(He'll send death-eaters to my house.)