Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Prophet of Venice

It was nice to spend a little time at the beach yesterday. Two things I like to do on Christmas Day is to go to Broadway in Chinatown or to go to Venice Beach. Even though most other places are shut down on Christmas Day, these are two places in Los Angeles where you can usually find open shops and crowds of people.

It was fun to run into City Activist and local legend David "Zuma Dogg" Saltsburg.
Zuma Dogg had acquired a mobile digital recorder and was running around interviewing people for a radio program that he is doing. I forgot the call sign. KBB? ...or something like that.
Venice Beach-based information and entertainment, I believe he said.

Even though the snarky political blog Mayor Sam likes to hurl insults at ZD and call him "The Economist" or "The Prophet of Venice", they should watch their words.

Zuma Dogg has been hip to many, many crimes by the employees and the elected officials of Los Angeles for a long time.
Meruelo Maddox.... Weatherly Capital.... CRA corruption...Alarcon's voter registration fraud ... Herb Wesson sending money out of his district.....

Who gets these stories first?
Who is usually right about his predictions?

The Prophet of Venice.