Thursday, December 30, 2010

Obama: He'll kill us all

This graph image above is a warning to all. Democrats, led by the very incompetent Barack Obama, have expressed their desire to grow government to the point that every single person is dependent on it.

They have made clear their distaste for the law and for the Constitution of The United States.
I oppose them in every way because as a member of the military, I swore an oath to protect that very same Constitution that they seem intent on destroying.

Obama and his minions have appointed hundreds of thousands of incompetent bureaucrats, and they have tried to seize 1/6 of the economy with their new Health Care scheme....a scheme that will be defunded when the new Congress rolls into office in January.

Obama and his crowd are the new apparatchik: an imposing bungle of bureaucrats who choke the economy and destroy previously functional parts of society.

Some day we may have to stand in line to deal with bungling bureaucrats here in Los Angeles. The new apparatchik, people like Joe Barrett and Paul Krekorian (The Dark Lord), people who have a desire to control every transaction that happens in the lives of others.

This is exactly how government destroys a society. Interference.
Because they say they know what is best for everyone.

If Obama keeps expanding government, he'll kill us all.

Our economy, and our society, will collapse.
It happened in Cuba, and in The Former Soviet Union.....