Friday, December 10, 2010

Jane Barnett faces critics, crucial election Saturday

The above video shows Vladimir "Val " Cymbal being a bit hot-tempered about Jose Aguilar videotaping a meeting of the Republican Party of Los Angeles County (RPLAC). Even though Aguilar is an elected member, Cymbal insists he leaves....basically at his demand. Near the end of the video, you see Jane Barnett being very sassy and taunting Jose by saying "We kicked you out".

This is not leadership.

On Saturday the entire County Republican Party will meet to elect it's leaders for the next two years.
Jane Barnett has asked for another term. Many support her, many are against her.

Here are some critics...


Dear Jane
I noticed that you included me as one of your endorsements. I did not endorse you. Let me tell you why: Like many conservatives and American patriots (notice I didn't say "republicans"), I am through with the mis-directed policies and ideologies (what ideologies?) of RPLAC. I simply cannot take our party seriously when we have back-stabbers like Abel Maldonado that receive standing ovations (Newt Gingrich event, Beverly Hills), hyped up by Shawn Steel and others.

Are we for real?

As you know, I've been teaching in inner city schools for the last 22 years. Our drop-out rate in LAUSD is 50%. We have an African-American achievement gap that cries to the Heavens, and is a source of societal agitation greater than any threat we face from any terrorist group. At the same time, our cities, our schools, our jails are being overrun by illegal aliens that are aided and abetted by our political mafia--on both sides of the political aisle. Recently, our own Ron Nehring (L.A. Times, Dec. 6) all but put the kibosh on those party faithfuls that believe in the rule of law and are against a wholesale cultural and political takeover of our country by a Third World basket case exporting gangs and drugs.

So, the question is: Who are we, and what are we for? Are we robots that simply attend high-priced banquets, hand out plaques to political scoundrels that don't give a damn about the working man and woman? Have we not the backbone to say clearly: WE ARE AMERICANS, AND WE WILL DO WHAT WE HAVE TO DO TO NURTURE AND CULTIVATE OUR ENGLISH LANGUAGE, OUR AMERICAN VALUES, AND OUR MARKET ECONOMY THAT HAS CREATED MORE WEALTH FOR SO MANY?

I don't think we can take these platforms for granted any longer. I believe I speak for the vast majority of those that will be voting on December 11 when I say: IT IS TIME FOR NEW, BOLD, AND UNAPOLOGETIC LEADERSHIP THAT WILL NOT ABANDON OUR CORE BELIEFS AT THE CHANGE OF THE DIRECTION OF THE WIND! To wit: We are besieged by outright Communists and proponents of absolute re-distribution of wealth, so antithetical to American beliefs. Yet, where do we as Republicans find an opposition to this sedition in our leadership? Where is the proponent of a clear patriotic, individual liberty-oriented alternative to the radical Leftists infesting Sacramento? Instead, we are dumbed-down by our "leaders", admonished from being too overly-enthusiastic about the values that are the basis for our very freedoms and prosperity.

After the miserable whooping that was handed to us, we simply cannot go on with a "business as usual attitude."
I'll tell you this: If I were party chairman, I'd have this frank talk with our base, and subsequently submit my resignation. At least, I would go out in class and with a semblance of responsibility.

Sincerely, Rabbi Shifren


Chris Kolski

Dear Jane:

I have received several emails from CC members complaining about their names
being used by you as your supporters without their consent. This prompted me to
check your emails listing your supporters. I found my name listed there as well
(misspelled). I did not endorse you or authorized you to use my name as your
supporter. Please remove my name from the list.

I do believe that the RPLAC has to undergo major changes in order for the
Republicans to be able to win races in Los Angeles County. We cannot go on with
“business as usual”. We cannot afford to have a party that continues to support
RINOs. We must stand for the conservative, constitutional values in order to
regain the trust of the electorate. We must reach out to minorities, Latinos and
Asians, gain their support and start winning races.

Chris Kolski
PS. I support John Fer for Chairman


Date: Fri, 10 Dec 2010 16:04:48 -0800
Subject: Jane Barnett for Chairman?

Since May 14, 2009, self-professed Chairman of the Republican Party of Los Angeles County (RPLAC), Jane Barnett, has stated at many of the meetings over which she has presided that RPLAC "has registered 50,000 new Republicans." As a former employee of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), whose motto is "Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity," it became a duty to research the validity of her claim.
Having gone to, both the Final Official Election Returns of the June 3, 2008, Primary Vote (dated 10/07/08) and the Semi-Final Election Returns of June 8, 2010, Primary Vote (dated 07/02/10) were downloaded to see whether her claim was valid. A comparison of the two Primary Votes ( and, done on an Excel spreadsheet, shows only a net increase of 6,769 Republican votes in Los Angeles County compared to a net increase of over 208,260 Democrat votes for the same elections. (It should be noted that, in 2010, there weren’t any Republican votes registered for the 39th AD as there wasn’t a Republican candidate running for Assembly nor were there any Republican candidates running for Central Committee.) Now Jane is claiming that RPLAC has registered an additional 20,000 Republicans between June 8th and Nov. 2nd. Unfortunately, the County Recorder’s Office couldn’t give me any figures to verify Jane’s claim.
In nine or more Assembly Districts, there was an actual loss of Republican votes! Don’t take my word for it, go to the links above and view the results for yourself. Of course, you will have to dig out the figures as I did.
What about the $400,000 that Jane allegedly raised for RPLAC? Is she including monies she received from the Fiorina and Whitman campaigns to get out the word? What monies were raised for RPLAC candidates’ filing fees, slate mailers, operations, offices, etc.? Can RPLAC Treasurer Len Lanzi give us details?
Jane speaks about being a Christian and only God knows her heart. Scripture tells us, however, "Let your yes be yes and your no be no."Rumor has it that Jane promised a Congressional candidate a slate mailer and, thereafter, reneged. Jane, however, gave her friend Peggy Mew a slate mailer - some in the 44th AD say three slate mailers - and Peggy was only running for Central Committee! The Chairman of RPLAC must be above reproach in letting his/her yes be yes and his/her no be no.
In addition to the above, Jane initiated her "Red Strike Force" to put Republicans where they were needed, and for other purposes. Unfortunately, sending Republicans out of Los Angeles County to walk precincts for Republican candidates in other counties is not a good way to spend precious few Republican resources. Why wasn’t there enough money to spend on Republican candidates in Los Angeles County? Why wasn’t the "Red Strike Force" organized IN ADVANCE to over-see the counting of write-in/mail-in ballots at the County offices in Norwalk - as the Democrats did - after the last General Election?
This is NOT the kind of leadership that RPLAC desperately needs. As a self-proclaimed Christian, Jane should know that Christians are good stewards of not only their own things but the things of others, in this case, the resources, talents, and monies of RPLAC.
RPLAC desperately needs someone with foresight who knows something about truth telling, honesty, good stewardship and who can, and will, put those qualities to work!