Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Nutty, dangerous liberals strike again!

If any of you remember seeing this Audi commercial during the Super Bowl, you might have found it mildly amusing. I found it chilling, because this is not too far off from the way that real liberals think.

They think they have the right to destroy your personal freedom and to inflict all types of rules and regulations on you, simply because they think they know what is best for everyone. It is a delusional, egomaniacal worldview that is common among liberals. This type of thinking is sick and demented, and as Glenn Beck reminds us... it usually leads to massive human murder. Because eventually, you will break so many rules as a free human being, that your presence will no longer be desired.

Here in Los Angeles, we suffer many fools. Councilmember Jan Perry "The Hamburglar" . Perry decided that voters in her District were too fat, dumb , and stupid to make their own nutritional choices, so she banned fast food businesses from opening up in her South Central fiefdom.

"The Cat Whisperer" Paul Koretz. This deranged 5th District Council Member is on a crusade to save all the precious kitties in the world. Even though LA Animal Services euthanizes over 40,000 animals every year, Koretz decided the practice of declawing the little kitties was too barbaric, and thereby banned it from Los Angeles with the help of conspiring freedom-stealing Socialists on the City Council.

The one that has my blood boiling this morning is news out of St. Paul, Minnesota.

No Christmas candy canes, no bake sales. No candy bar sales for fundraisers.

What bothers me is that these people take this lying down.
I would be the first person in the courthouse suing this school district.

As a taxpayer, I would state to the court that they misunderstand their mission.
They are there to provide educational services. That and that alone.
They do not have the freedom to dictate nutritional or lifestyle choices to those who attend.
Not with taxpayer dollars they don't.

I have learned a lesson from Zuma Dogg and Matt Dowd.
The people who are in power have dangerous tendencies towards totalitarianism and the Police State.
Left unchecked, they will continue to trample personal freedoms and shred the Constitution.

The only thing they care about is money and power.
I have several lawsuits planned against the City in 2011, all of them concerning illegal behavior by the City government itself. I don't like doing it, but it seems like that is the only way they will listen.
They certainly have shown no interest in self-restraint.