Thursday, December 16, 2010

A quick look at the City Council races

Today I'll give a brief rundown on what is happening in the March City races.


Augusto Bisani is the only candidate who has qualified to challenge The Dark Lord.
He's a big underdog, but hey... Christine Essel got about 42% of the vote in the last election against Krekorian anything can happen.
I'm rooting for Augusto, and he has some surprises coming. Evidently he has a large network of restaurant owners who know him and are willing to donate to his campaign. He might get matching funds.

One other thing worries me though....
Krekorian now possesses The Elder Wand, which makes him not only a threat to City residents, but he is now a threat to every living soul here on earth.


Wow, talk about regrets. Do I ever regret not getting my signatures done!
I think this race is already over. My not being a part of it has doomed Stephen Box and Tomas O'Grady.
Having run for office twice already in this district, I think I had a good chance of going around and getting all the Conservatives/Republicans to vote for me. That would have taken about 25% of the vote away from LaBonge.

Without me in the race, voters now only have the option of two foreign-born candidates who have slighty nutty views about the environment. Bicycle Boy and the Eco-Warrior.
Other than that, they can vote for the friendly guy who kisses their asses, gives them a free calendar every year, and who has been hanging around City Hall and CD 4 for 20 years.
Welcome back, Tom La Bonge. One of the most untalented City Council members gets 4 more years, and an even fatter pension. Cha-ching!!


Here is one race that I am actually excited about.
I'm 100% behind David Barron and his bid to oust career criminal Tony Cardenas from power.
Cardenas has been feeding at the public trough for many years now, and it's time to get rid of him.
It won't be easy, but David is a good man with character and class and he will be a perfectly acceptable choice to voters if he can raise the money to get his message out.


It is unlikely that Bernard Parks will be unseated here...but you never know.
I don't know either of his opponents, but I do know that Forescee Hogan-Rowles is supported by the classy, yet sassy Soulvine writer Betty Pleasant. In the past, Pleasant has assured me that Bernard Parks is "hated in the black community ...hated!!
To Betty Pleasant, I say..."We will soon see..."


How much of a jerk is Herb Wesson that he has five opponents against him on the ballot? Obviously they think he is weak and is doing a bad job if this many people think they can beat him in the election.
I'll give the candidates in District 10 one good item to focus on. Wessons debilitating addiction to cigarettes pretty much makes him a drug addict. He has to repeatedly leave council meetings to go outside and get his "fix" of nicotine. City Activist Zuma Dogg is going to run anti-Wesson commercials in his District.
That certainly won't help Wessons chances. I predict a runoff election here.

District 12 (a.k.a. "the takeover")

This election is pretty much Mitch Englanders to lose. He has the connections. He knows the community.
He has raised the most money. However, he does have five opponents on the ballot.
Still, I don't think they are a big threat. Englander did his homework here for the last few years.
He's the big favorite. Walter Moore could have beaten Englander, but he didn't want to move to the Valley to get a seat on City Council.

District 14

The true bloodbath is here in CD 14. Jose Huizar is weak in his own District and can be beaten. Businessman Rudy Martinez has money, a little fame juice from being on TV, and the motivation to run and defeat Huizar.
Will it be enough? It is hard to say. Not much is known about Martinez.
Forces working for Huizar are trying to slime Martinez with stories about him re-registering to vote as a Democrat (true) and possession of an unofficial Police Officer badge?? (maybe true?)
Still, these attacks are weak. If Huizar can't stand on his own record, then he deserves to lose.