Friday, December 31, 2010

"You say you want a Revolution?"

Take a close look at the photo above. This nitwit is Lisa Jackson, an appointee of Barack Obama to head the useless government bureaucracy known as the EPA.

Lisa Jackson, with her apparatchik status, may just have become The Most Dangerous Person in America. In fact, she might inspire a Civil War in this country.

Jackson recently started running the EPA by decree. Her own little fiefdom, courtesy of Barack Obama.
Jackson recently issued a decree that she would be imposing "new performance standards" for projects in the utilities and oil refinery business.

The problem here is that Jackson, like most government employees, is incompetent.
She is an apparatchik, or "useless part of the apparatus".
A useless bureaucrat that creates nothing, but tries to control and influence everything.
(Kind of like Paul Krekorian, or Joe Barrett)

There are 167 energy industry projects that are ready to begin construction down in Texas and Louisiana.
However, Jackson has declared that these projects must receive permits from the EPA!
A blatant violation of the 10th Amendment never stopped Lisa Jackson.

There remains a high possibility that Texas and Louisiana, in response to this economy-crushing meddling from Washington, may retaliate by turning off the natural gas pipelines which heat the Northeast during the winter. If they do this, Barack Obama, being the totalitarian he is, will use force. He will send the military down to the Red States to turn the pumps back on to protect his Blue State voters from freezing to death.

And of course, after that... as they say in the movies... hilarity ensues.

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