Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Why Sarah Palin is running for President

It would be hard not to notice the clues that Sarah Palin has been dropping about running for President.
Her recent trip to Haiti. Her continual Facebook and Twitter comments about the mistakes and errors of the Obama administration. The Barbara Walters interview.

Sarah Palin is running for President.... and there is nothing anyone can do about it.

There are bluebloods and establishment Republicans who are, quite honestly, afraid of her.
They see her stunning popularity and worry about her winning the GOP nomination.
It makes sense that she would try. Many candidates who are unsuccessful as the VP nominee go after the Presidency themselves. But it doesn't always work out (see Walter Mondale).

Here are the Top 5 reasons Sarah Palin is running for President.

1. Todd Palin

Sarah is a loving wife who likes to make her husband happy. She spent much of her life as Sarah Heath, and only became Sarah Palin through marriage. Her rise from City Council to Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska probably gave her husband additional status and local pride to share with his buddies.... but her rise to Governor of Alaska probably blew his mind. Then, her nomination as a Vice-Presidential candidate was something that was out of the realm of possibility for a man who is a small town fisherman in Alaska.
Todd has made it clear to his inner circle of friends that he wants Sarah to run.
That fact alone should seal the deal.

2. Money

Barack Obama raised and spent a staggering $700 million in his run for the White House.
Sarah Palin supporters might be able to bring in that type of money, also.
Sarah is a girl from small town Alaska who had never been wealthy before, even when she was Governor of the State. Her book and television show have changed her life completely.
While some pundits say that Sarah needs a few more years of grooming before running for President, Sarah may need to strike while the iron is hot. She will probably never have this window of opportunity again.
In addition to spending it on herself, she can be a kingmaker and help get many GOP candidates elected in 2012.

3. Rebel

Sarah is part rebel and enjoys doing what she is told she can't do. There are operatives in the Republican Party who are actively trying to stop her already. Notice the sudden increase in suggestions that "Sarah should run for US Senate"..."Sarah should be the new Chairman of the GOP"....anything except running for President.

4. Support

Sarah Palin supporters...especially the right-to-life voters, are among the most fanatical out there. Do you think you can get a bunch of volunteers to trudge through the dark, cold, snowy nights in Iowa and New Hampshire to campaign for Tim Pawlenty? Yeah, sure. A few of them.
Sarah would have an unmatched army of supporters that would work with a religious fervor for her.
Tim Pawlenty said he was waiting to see what Sarah does before declaring.
Basically, he's afraid of a girl. How much support can he get acting like that?

5. History

Hillary Clinton had a chance to be the first female nominee from a major party, but then the long knives came out and Democrats showed who they truly are. They would accept anyone ...even Barack Obama as their candidate, rather than let a woman be in power. Sad.
Sarah Palin has a legitimate chance to win the GOP nomination.
Critics say she can't win.
But she has heard that type of talk before.
Thankfully, she doesn't listen to it.