Saturday, January 7, 2012

¡Alarcon 2012! The crime spree continues...

Sometimes, things happen in the Los Angeles political game that are difficult to wrap your head around. Other times, things are fairly predictable.

The photo above is of City Councilman Richard Alarcon on the steps of the Criminal Courts Building after being indicted on over 30 charges of voter fraud.

So, of course....the next natural step for Alarcon would be... resigning in disgrace, or fleeing the country with his ill-gotten gains...right?

No way! It's re-election time, baby!

Alarcon has filed papers with the County Clerk to run for the State Assembly seat he bailed out on years ago. Alarcon is counting on the stupidity of the voters in the 39th Assembly District. He figures...hey....they were dumb enough to vote for him before... well... why not one more time?

In way, you have to admire the chutzpah.

Few people in the world are this arrogant.

I have an intense dislike of Alarcon, based on his pathological dishonesty and his tendency to fill city positions with talentless relatives.

I was joyous over his indictment last year, but have been bitterly disappointed by his failure to serve a single minute of time behind bars. I've also been disappointed in the voters of the 7th District failing to recall him or demand his immediate resignation.

If they truly are that dumb, maybe Richard Alarcon will be able to continue his crime spree at taxpayer expense.