Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Jon Huntsman: Heretic


Did you hear the sound of a pin dropping?

Oh, yeah. That was the sound of former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman dropping out of the Presidential race. It was a news item so unimportant that nobody noticed.

Huntsman had zero chance of getting the GOP Presidential Nomination, anyway.

Why, you ask? Because Huntsman was guilty of ideological heresy. He said crazy things.

During one of the debates, he had the unmitigated gall to say "I believe in global warming and me crazy." GOP Primary voters did exactly that, as Huntsman never went above the single digits in most polls, and finished a distant third in New Hampshire after being camped out there for nearly a year.

He believed in things that you cannot believe in if you expect Republican voters to vote for you. Most Republican don't believe in global warming and many question the theory of evolution.

Huntsman acted like both theories were unquestionable fact. He may as well have been a Democrat.

Also, the fact that he was working with Barack Obama in a Democratic Administration didn't sit well with primary voters. Huntsman was not trusted, and now he is gone.

Huntsman has chosen to endorse the Massachusetts Moderate Mitt Romney as his pick for 2012.

Wow. What a surprise.

The moderate Mormon supporting the other moderate Mormon in the race. Who could ever have seen that coming?