Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Hampshire Debate

Saturdays New Hampshire Debate was, by far, the worst debate so far in this 2012 campaign.

Candidates bumbled around wasting time talking about contraception and who had actually served in the military.

The main goal -- which was for all the other candidates to team up and stop Romney -- didn't happen. Romney got treated fairly lightly by the moderators and the other candidates.

George Stephanopoulos asked an idiotic question about banning contraception. It didn't go over very well with the candidates or with the audience.

Ron Paul defended calling Gingrich a "chickenhawk" for refusing to do military service while wanting to send others off to war. Gingrich tried to excuse himself by saying he was married and had children. Paul responded with the biggest blow of the night by saying the he also was married with children when he was drafted, and he went and served.

My candidate, Rick Perry, did better in this debate than in most of the others. He was getting ignored so badly that at one point he just jumped in and started talking. Good for him. He won't win New Hampshire, but he is steadying the ship for South Carolina.

Rick Santorum gave some interesting answers, but nothing that moved him up in the polls.

Gingrich gave a scathing review of the bias of the Obama Administration against the Catholic Church. It was a topic nobody had covered in the campaign. It worked well for him.

Near the end, Huntsman made some type of wisecrack in Mandarin Chinese.
That, along with his Kurt Cobain jokes is why his campaign is a train wreck and he will be dropping out of the race after he gets pummeled in South Carolina.

In the end, Romney looked smooth and Presidential. He refused to get into the gutter and get dirty. He will win New Hampshire and take a big lead on the others heading to South Carolina.