Friday, January 6, 2012

How Rick Perry can win South Carolina

1. Forget about Iowa. Iowa tends to vote for strong anti-abortion candidates. But they couldn't get Mike Huckabee into the White House and they probably won't get Rick Santorum there, either. Let it go. Move on...quickly.

2. Start traveling and spending money in South Carolina. It is crucial to the Perry campaign to finish near the top in South Carolina. A bus tour is required.

3. Appeal to South Carolinians as an authentic Southerner. Paint the others as Northern liberals. Big government meddlers.

4. Talk up the 10th Amendment. Remember that this is where the Civil War started and many Southerners still hold a residual grudge over an overbearing and oppressive Federal Government.

5. Get some military commanders to back your campaign and put them in TV ads. South Carolina is loaded with military and ex-military. Talk up the Commander-in-Chief angle of the Presidency. Mention how the others might not be ready.

6. Remind South Carolina voters of Romney, Gingrich, and Santorum voting for and supporting massive government spending while in office. Throw around the phrase "Romneycare" a few times.

7. Forget about the Ron Paul voters. You weren't going to get them anyway, but neither were any of the others.

8. Get some of the other big name Southern Governors out on the campaign trail for you.

9. Raise more money. Santorum and Gingrich are almost broke.

10. Don't quit. Sweat it out. Grind out the days. Outlast Gingrich and Santorum to become the only "Anti-Romney" left. And you will win.