Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Romney wins New Hampshire GOP Primary

In a result that came as a surprise to no one, Mitt Romney won the GOP Presidential Primary held in New Hampshire last night. Some of the southern populated counties in New Hampshire are basically regarded as suburbs of Boston, Massachusetts...where Mitt Romney used to be Governor. It was about as close to a home field advantage as you can get.

Moderates and liberals all over New England streamed home to the polls to vote for one of their own. It was a very dark night for Conservatives. Myself included.

I see very few positives from this result.

The GOP is now probably going to have Romney as our candidate. Unless somebody can beat him in South Carolina....which I put at only a 50% chance...Romney will win there and in Florida after that and then the race will be over.

Romney is the best financed of the candidates. He has been running for six years and has a certain polished smoothness that comes with doing this for so long. He makes few mistakes. Maybe he can appeal to Independents. Maybe. I don't know.

I find it very difficult to accept that the father of Obamacare -- Mr. $50 abortion -- Mitt going to be the GOP nominee for President.

One tiny side benefit is that Romney could beat Obama in New Hampshire. Sure, it is only 4 Electoral College votes, but taking those away from Obama and giving them to Romney creates a 8 vote swing. Very damaging to Obamas chances. Romneys Mormon faith would also position him to win Nevada, which has a large Mormon voter contingent.

Right now, Romney has a 80% chance of being the GOP Nominee. Somebody else would have to catch fire in a hurry to beat him.