Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Man From Paint Creek

Today has finally arrived. The Iowa Caucus is here and we begin the selection process to decide who will be the candidate to try and replace Barack Obama in the White House. I'm guessing that Tim Pawlenty is filled with regret right now for dropping out so early in the race.

No, Tim Pawlenty won't be the choice today. Neither will Herman Cain.

Today is kind of a make-or-break moment for some of the GOP Presidential candidates.

Those who finish near the bottom in Iowa will find little reason to continue their campaign.

Polls are saying that Ron Paul and Mitt Romney are leading, and it is highly likely that one of them will win the Iowa Caucus. I have a strong suspicion that it will be Ron Paul to win today. A Caucus is very different than an election. There are no voter lists or messy registration papers to deal with. All you have to do is cram a bunch of your supporters into a meeting hall and shout and scream that you support a certain candidate. To be quite honest, that is exactly what Ron Paul supporters are good at. In fact, when it comes to fanatical support, it is very difficult to top them.

Mitt Romney will do well. "Mr. 25%" rarely goes above or drops below a certain support level in the polls. He's not exciting, but for many voters, he will do.

I think that Jon Huntsman and Michele Bachmann will be dropping out soon enough. Their support is minimal, and barring some unusual surprise, tonight should be a very somber moment for them.

Me? I'm staying with the man from Paint Creek. Sure, Rick Perry bungled a few answers at the debates. But he has also been repeatedly re-elected Governor of Texas. He has been the steady captain of the worlds 13th largest economy. And he has made Texas such a desirable place to do business in that people are moving there in droves.

He helped create a positive situation for job growth, which is exactly what this election is going to be all about in 2012.

When it comes to guessing what type of leader these candidates would be, there are some clear facts out there on Rick Perry.

Unlike the other choices, we don't have to guess what type of leader Rick Perry will be if he goes to the White House.

We already know.