Monday, January 9, 2012

Our incompetent elected officials

The photo above is, unfortunately, a photo of my Congressman.

Xavier Becerra.

A pure Communist with a heart full of hate.

Unfortunately, as one of his serfs, I am often at the whim of his decisions.

I emailed the Congressmans office and told him I wanted the official permission required to visit the White House when I am in Washington four weeks from now. February 9th or 10th.

That was five months ago. No word from him or his staff.

Now, being that my district is in urban LA and about 90% of the people here have no plans to visit Washington at any time whatsoever, I assume his office isn't overloaded with this type of request. However, I am quite certain that his office is filled with incompetent bureaucrats looking for a government teat to suckle at. I am sure the high salaries and excessive pensions in his office motivate the staff to provide exactly the non-existent customer service they currently provide.

I suppose it didn't help me to write blog posts like this about Becerra.
But do I really deserve to be blackballed just because I am a Republican voter in his highly Democratic district? I guess he and his staff think so.

I did not think it would ever be possible to locate an elected official as worthless as Karen Bass, but Becerra is making things interesting, to say the least.

I'm also upset at Antonio Villaraigosa, who took dirty laundered money in his 2009 re-election campaign and has refused to return that money. I called and asked his staff for answers... no response for months now.

Same thing for the Ethics Department. I asked them for answers about the laundered money. They didn't have any answers.

And of course, we have as the final act, The Dark Lord.

I emailed Councilman Krekorians office over one year ago. I'm starting to think I'm not going to get a response.

But hey, when you write blog posts like this one... you get yourself blackballed from a lot of political graft and gift-giving that goes on in this corrupt city.