Friday, January 27, 2012

Liberals incensed at Arizona Governor

You had to expect this.

The liberal media went ballistic yesterday after Arizona Governor Jan Brewer had a meeting with Barack Obama on an airport tarmac. Brewer delivered a hand written letter welcoming him to Arizona and bragging about the recovery in Arizona.

Photographers caught a photo of Brewer addressing the President that was probably misinterpreted. It appears as though Brewer is wagging her finger in Obamas face and chewing him out, but more likely it was just Brewer caught in the middle of a hand gesture.

Liberals, as is their wont, immediately assumed grievous racism and held table panel discussions on all the liberal media talk shows. They were overly pious as they described the hateful and hurtful actions of Governor Brewer.

It is true that there seems to be no love lost between Brewer and Obama....but the media probably overplayed this to stir up controversy. If Brewer was truly that confrontational, Obama could have simply skipped meeting with her.