Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Forget Newt, Obama is the one in trouble

One of the chilling facts about the South Carolina Primary results for Democratic Party activists is that people turned out in large numbers. And they didn't turn out in large numbers because they were happy.

In fact, the excess turnout in South Carolina dwarfed the vote totals from Iowa and New Hampshire. South Carolina is a larger state and may be more representative of what is actually going on in the country as a whole.

Voters are unhappy about high unemployment, high gas prices, staggering foreclosure numbers, and the breakneck speed of the runaway national debt.

I find it funny that Democrats talk about Obama getting re-elected. I think he could get routed. He might lose 40 states.

Don't worry about Newt Gingrich...he'll be just fine.

Obama is the problem. He always has been.