Monday, March 5, 2012

"Boss" Wesson: The New Don of the 15 crime families

If you haven't been paying attention to local news, it appears that a fearsome new force has risen to power here in Los Angeles.

Herb "Boss" Wesson has become the new Don of Los Angeles and its 15 separate crime families.

In a way, I am kind of happy about this.

Idiotic Los Angeles voters are about to see the true, unadulterated face of corruption.
"Boss" Wesson will make Richard Daley look like an amateur by comparison.

Wesson is acting without remorse... stripping power and privileges from his enemies, and rewarding his friends and allies. Wesson is on a personal vendetta against Bernard Parks and Jan Perry, who did not support his rise to City Council President.

Parks and Perry are seeing valuable income-generating assets stripped from their districts and handed over to others. Wessons top co-conspirator in these crimes is Jose Huizar, who will be rewarded by seeing his 14th District gain valuable financial assets. Business community members in these Districts will now be paying their "tributes" to Wesson and Huizar. Parks and Perry will get frozen out. It could, literally, be the end of their political careers.

Remorseful Koreatown voters who are going to see their 10th District cannibalized into two separate Districts are about to learn a lesson about donating money to the politically corrupt: It doesn't always buy you what you thought you had paid for.

Wesson already has plans to have some of his henchmen and underlings elected to City Council in order to strengthen his control over the city.

Wesson knows how to do this, and I doubt he can be stopped.

In his most recent election, Wesson faced the largest number of opponents of any Council candidate in the election, but by far delivered one of the biggest ass-whippings.

"Boss" Wesson holds free pancake breakfasts for financially struggling voters in his district.

He knows how to hand out the "goodies". And he knows how to collect votes when payment time comes around.

"Boss" Wessons rise to Don of Los Angeles is the beginning of a very dark and troubling time in Los Angeles politics.