Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Jackson, Sharpton don't give a damn about Trevon Martin

One thing about this whole Trevon Martin death in Florida should be clear.

Certain prominent figures in this country (Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, to name two) are hovering around like vultures over the body of this poor kid. Neither Jackson nor Sharpton knew this kid or gave a damn about him last week, but now suddenly they are rushing to Florida in order to lead a march of "concerned citizens."

Meanwhile, dozens of young African-Americans have been shot dead in Chicago in the last two years, but there is no outcry or rally from these awful, exploitative poverty pimps Jackson and Sharpton. The reason? There is no money in it. The kids that got shot in Chicago were killed by other young African-Americans. Those types of stories are so common that they don't even make it onto the evening news.

I'm not saying the Trevon Martin case isn't a tragedy ...of course it is.

I tend to believe that this Zimmerman guy is responsible for the whole incident because he had "Barney Fife" syndrome...he had to run around making himself look like a hero.

If Zimmerman had backed off and let police question Trevon Martin, he would still be alive today. But for some odd reason, Zimmerman felt that the act of Martin simply walking around was provocation for the whole incident. I think he should have listened to the police dispatchers because Martin was not stealing anything or harming anyone. And common sense should have told Zimmerman that he could have been wrong in his assessment of Martin.

Anything Jackson or Sharpton are involved with should be viewed with a high level of suspicion.

Jackson slurred the entire New York Jewish community by calling it a "Hymietown".

In 1991, Sharpton helped provoke a race riot in New York where someone ended up getting killed.

Sharpton is also a tax cheat who owes the IRS over half a million dollars.

Sharpton should be serving time behind bars, not hosting a TV show on MSNBC.