Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Gingrich and Paul are basically Romney conspirators at this point

Disappointing news from the GOP primaries as Mitt Romney eked out a small victory last night in Ohio...which was probably the make-or-break point for the Santorum campaign.

Santorum did win Tennessee and Oklahoma and North Dakota, but Romney won most of the other states and kept piling up his lead in delegates.

Constitutionalist Ron Paul continues his Don Quixote act as he is now 0-72 in Republican Presidential primaries dating back to 2008...yet he refuses to drop out. Ron Paul has always been about his message...but I have to tell's time for a new messenger.

Gingrich won Georgia, and being that he had served from Georgia in Congress, his win was predictable.

However, Gingrich is damaged goods at this point. His personal life is repulsive and voters are uninterested in hearing any more about it. He committed apostasy by talking about global warming with Nancy Pelosi, so many Conservatives have now abandoned him in favor of Rick Santorum.

Santorum did well last night, but not well enough.

Both Santorum and Gingrich are going to have to face some ugly math in the immediate future. If they want to stop Romney, there has to be a drop-out by one of them.

Santorum has to win 65% of the delegates from here on out to get the nomination. Gingrich would have to win 70% of the delegates. And with Mitt Romney in the race, that isn't going to happen.

One of them needs to go, and being as that Gingrich has only won 2 of the 22 contests, he should probably step aside. It is awfully late in the game for egotism.

Paul is basically a Romney conspirator at this point. He likes Mitt and refuses to attack him in the debates and forums. He won't drop out because he is the most stubborn of any candidate in the last two decades. His presence in the race is irrelevant at this point. He won't be winning any primaries or caucuses. He is in last place in delegates.

He will end up going 0-100 from 2008-2012.