Friday, March 2, 2012

Rush Limbaugh inserts foot in mouth

Radio show host Rush Limbaugh is embroiled in a controversy over comments he made this week referring to a third year law student as a "slut" or "prostitute".

I want to say clearly that I think Limbaugh is wrong here.

Limbaugh is a great Conservative and a role model for many, but he occasionally makes comments that go a little "off the rails".

I understand his frustration with this nation of "takers" that Barack Obama is creating, but calling this woman names isn't helpful and it probably does more harm than good.

I think Limbaugh should probably explain his views and apologize.

It is one thing to call her a "Socialist" or a "welfare deadbeat"... but this woman never actually said her sexual activities were for sale.

Like many other Socialists in America, she just expects that someone else should pay for every single thing she does in life.

It is the root cause of our current miseries in America. The lack of personal responsibility.

This female law student testified before Congress that her birth control was so expensive that she couldn't afford it.

Limbaugh heard this and went through the roof. Of course, to him, the answer was simple.

Tell her to stop having sex.

But the name calling was unnecessary...and reflects poorly on him.

This is the way that liberals talk....and as Conservatives we need to resist the impulse to lower ourselves to their level.