Saturday, March 3, 2012

Sometimes, even the Socialists understand...

Here is a photo of liberal writer Joseph Mailander signing my nominating petition to get me on the ballot in the 28th Congressional District.

I also tried to get the signature of Ultra-liberal Joe Barrett, but he rejected my overture based on purely partisan reasons.

Joseph understands something that Joe doesn't: that when you have one party rule in politics it is the first step towards tyranny.

Joe voted for The Dark Lord - Paul Krekorian. Krekorian became part of a totalitarian City government that is so extreme that they recently decided that they have the power to legislate exactly how two consenting adult human beings will have sexual intercourse.

Yeah! They did.

Neither Adolph Hitler nor Joseph Stalin nor Mao Tse Tung ever had the balls to try something that extreme!

But for the Socialists leaders here in Los was just another day at the office.