Thursday, March 8, 2012

Reagan Library

I spent the morning running down to Norwalk and turning in my nomination paperwork for my Congressional race.

This is always the worst time for me....when you have to worry about the fact that people sometimes forget they moved and didn't change their voters registration, or they are registered in the wrong district and their signature won't count... it is really an annoying part of running for public office.

Hopefully, everything will be OK.

In order to gain some inspiration for my race, I spent the afternoon at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley. Surprisingly, for being such a big Conservative, I had never been there before!

I had been to the Nixon Library, and had always meant to go to the Reagan...but delays and other issues always seemed to get in the way. I wanted to go to the Mike Huckabee event at the Reagan Library a year ago, but it was sold out. The Mark Levin dinner there tomorrow night? Sold out as well.

It was a nice afternoon. Great weather.

The movie just inside the entrance on a big screen was fantastic.

I also enjoyed walking through Air Force One.

I'll be going back again because I joined and became a Reagan Foundation Member.