Friday, March 9, 2012

The RPLAC Nomination meeting...and why I'm not going.

The Republican Party of Los Angeles County has a candidate nominating meeting going on tomorrow. But I won't be there.

My feelings about RPLAC are mixed. While I feel it is still an honorable organization that holds important events, I still feel that some members of the organization have acted in a disreputable manner.

I have blogged about the "beer hall putsch" on May 14th 2009, where certain members stormed into the meeting, shouting down all opponents and illegally seized power. It resulted in a lengthy legal battle that threatened to bankrupt the organization.

I have also blogged about the Republican Party of Los Angeles County leaders kicking out members who had been elected by the voters here in Los Angeles. To me, this harms the reputation of the organization by making it appear to be some whimsical notion run by petty people and revolving around personality disputes.

Any person who participated in any of this nonsense is showing just how far they have strayed from Republican core values. Seeking power for the sake of being in power is not a Conservative value. It is the opposite of what we believe in.

While I like the people at RPLAC, I think they have a long way to go in getting their act together.

I don't think their endorsement is all that valuable because it carries almost no weight in Los Angeles. In fact, in a strange turn, RPLAC has now created a new rule that all candidates who wish to be endorsed need to get the approval of 2/3 of their central committee members!

If you saw the videos above, would you want your future dependent on other people who behave in this manner?

I most certainly do not.

RPLAC, as usual, is wrong again.