Friday, March 23, 2012

Ed Reyes hates jobs, growth, and America

Idiotic voters in Los Angeles' First Council District might want to put a muzzle on their Council member today.

Reyes is going to put up a proposition in City Hall chambers today to ban Wal-Mart from opening a store in their district and providing jobs, income and financial growth for the residents of that district.

Reyes, like many council members, has Socialist/Communist leanings and megalomaniacal intentions. Reyes doesn't want the Wal-Mart store to open in Chinatown because he says so.

Never mind the freedom of the company owner to open a new business.

Never mind the freedom of the citizens in District One to shop at this new store with it's low, low prices.

Reyes actions here are Communistic and anti-freedom.

Ed Reyes hates jobs, growth, and America.

Voters in the First District should be ashamed of themselves for putting this fool in power.