Wednesday, October 27, 2010

CD 4 Voter Alert! Tomas O'Grady sings love songs to Obama!

Here is some interesting video of my potential rival in the March 2011 City Council Election.
Irishman Tomas O'Grady sings his little love songs to Obama.
This is rich in comedy material for me. I can't wait to bring this up at the CD 4 forums.

The guy can actually play guitar and sing very well. But his servile/supplicant behavior towards another political figure raises the question of his mental fitness for the job. If he is this much of a fanboy for the Manchurian President, how can he be trusted to make the correct decisions on complicated, divisive City political issues?


O'Grady has other videos available on the internet, including this one where he is interviewed on the TV show "Planet Green". Basically, O'Grady is one of those Green/earthy/eco-warrior types who wants to force everyone else to follow his mantra of "recycling" and "sustainability".

I have my election campaign meme ready for him:

Tomas O'Grady: The Eco-Warrior

VOTER ALERT: If O'Grady is elected, he will do the usual ultra-liberal thing of forcing his version of paradise on others -- turning their lives into a living hell on earth. Expect frivolous city regulations requiring rainwater collectors, herbal gardens, and solar panels at your home in the near future.

In the upcoming CD 4 election, voters can choose a principled Conservative like me.
Or they can choose Bicycle Boy, The Eco-Warrior, or Al Bundy.