Thursday, October 28, 2010

Democrats misogyny will cost them Congress

BREAKING NEWS: New polls say Republican "landslide" on Tuesday!

The latest polls coming out point to enormous gains for Republicans in this mid-term election on Tuesday.

Critics looking for answers had to look no further than the Sean Hannity television program Thursday night.
Hannity interviewed Delaware Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell.
O'Donell is one of those who has been put through the wringer by the media, with talk show host Bill Maher making it a personal crusade of his to try and destroy her career.

Hannity made the important point that Democrats try to "demonize" women candidates.
Their hate-fueled rhetoric seems to know no limits.

Talk show host Joy Behar called Nevada Senate candidate Sharron Angle "a bitch".

California Gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown was on a telephone call when someone in his office was overheard calling Meg Whitman "a whore".

One fact about these situations that maybe interests only me ...
.... is that there was no condemnation from the left!
And there won't be, either.

When it comes right down to it, if you are a liberal, you are allowed to say anything in the world that is racist, sexist, homophobic...whatever... as long as it promotes liberal ideology and goals!

New polls are showing that women voters, who voted for Obama by (+10) in 2010, are now registering and voting by (+20) for Republicans in this election.

Democratic misogyny will cost them Congress.
The Republicans will capture both the House and the Senate this week.
The coming tidal wave is much more powerful than the Democrats can comprehend.