Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tom La Bonge: A Freedom-Hating Liberal!!

Here is a video of Tom La Bonge at the LA City Council meeting on Friday saying that he wants to cut public comment down to one minute. Basically, La Bonge can cash a fat City paycheck, but when it comes to dealing with the actual voting public, he'd prefer they just go away.

La Bonge is in trouble for his next run for CD4. He didn't even have an opponent in his last election, and he has never faced an attack dog like me. I will enjoy humiliating him with his stupid votes and stupid comments from City Council. He is about as wrong and as dumb as it gets.

I'm going to enjoy asking voters at the CD4 forums...
"Did you ask Tom La Bonge to triple the parking meter rates?"

Yeah. I didn't think so.